Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tour and Travel in Sahyadri

A country having all seasons and all forms of nature is an ideal destination for tourists allover the world. Fortunately India is a nation having all these blessings.
From the north, where the highest and smallest mountain Himalaya & Sahyadri is standing, to the south plateaus, tropical rain forest and sandy deserts, bordered by fringed beaches, one can see the magnificent nature of India. Thus, from east to west and north to south, everywhere there are tremendous opportunities for tourism, travel and both inbound and outbound tours.
The great Himalaya/Sahyadri provides skiing, river running, trekking and mountraineering. Its beaches provide sun-bathing as well as wind surfing, and its forest provides wildlife with real experience.
The northern part of India and Kokan partof India is a very special sight where one can go for true adventure and enjoyment of life, far from the noisy and polluted environment of big cities and busy crowed towns life. Make a plan yourself and see how nature welcomes you with a smile!

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